“Ayurvedic counseling over the last few months has made a marked difference in my well being. Following Ritu’s recommendations and receiving support for doing so has helped me to tame my scattered Vata behavior and constitution. My goal over the past several years has been to transform my state of almost constant tension and hypervigilance. Now instead of having relaxation be conspicuous by its presence, it has become a baseline state so that tension and anxiety are now the exceptions rather than the rule. Awareness that I can choose Ayurvedic practices that make my life more comfortable and more manageable has been very empowering. I have hope for a healthy and active life as I become older and hopefully wiser. Thank you Ritu!”

“No matter what your current health status  is and your future health goals, an Ayurvedic consultation with Ritu can help. Ritu is passionate about health and wellness, she is an Ashtanga yoga practitioner and a yoga teacher. Ayurveda looks at the entire person, it is not a cookie cutter approach and in this way, very personalized. The core foundation is that the body can heal itself with the right lifestyle practices, given time and support. Ritu helped me connect the dots to my longtime issues with poor digestion, little did I know that the ice and cold drinks were resulting in decreased digestive abilities.  Ritu helped me take the steps necessary to turn this around and now I am enjoying warm water and enjoy a variety of teas throughout  and my digestion has improved immensely. She did all of this by being very supportive and encouraging and sharing a wealth of knowledge.